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AppDirect, the leading cloud service marketplace company, announced that it has acquired Standing Cloud, a leading provider of cloud management services, such as automated software packaging and orchestration that enable fast, seamless application deployment and management. Together, AppDirect and Standing Cloud provide an unparalleled cloud marketplace and management solution that offers more features and functionalities than any other competitor, technology that can be used by almost any provider for any type of use case, from public app marketplaces to internal enterprise application stores. "Both AppDirect and Standing Cloud have worked to develop technologies that make the cloud easier to use. With this acquisition, we can join forces to accelerate the speed of innovation and move faster than ever before," said Daniel Saks, president and co-CEO of AppDirect. "... (more)

McAfee LinuxShield Focuses on Novell

“As more and more malware is created to run on multiple platforms, it is important for customers to know they can turn to a single vendor for complete, multi-platform protection,” said Steve Crutchfield, director of product marketing at McAfee Inc., as McAfee today announced the availability of new versions of McAfee LinuxShield and NetShield antivirus products. The new functionality includes antivirus protection for the latest version of SUSE Linux and Novell NetWare - ensuring that Novell users are safe from the latest threats and vulnerabilities. With the latest release of Linux kernel products from Novell such as Open Enterprise Server (OES) and Novell Linux Small Business Suite, McAfee is extending its comprehensive support to these platforms. "From small businesses running NLSBS to the largest enterprises running OES," a company announcement note... (more)

Will Google Destroy Symantec & McAfee?

Gee, and Symantec and McAfee felt squeezed when Microsoft wandered into their space. Now Google has a toehold too. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. On May 11 Google quietly bought an outfit, a Mountain View neighbor actually, called GreenBorder Technologies Inc, and never said a word about it. The acquisition is provocative because GreenBorder is in the Internet security business, a space new to the omnivorous Google, and nobody knows how Google is going to use this widgetry; and not knowing, when you think about it, is scarier for McAfee and Symantec than knowing. Given the dismal state of security - and the increasing hostility of the Internet, even if GreenBorder is only half the end-all it's cracked up to be - and depending on how it's packaged - Google could have trouble stopping people from throwing money at it. What price your security? Anyw... (more)

SenSage and McAfee, Inc. Strengthen Relationship to Drive Sales of Integrated Enterprise Security Solutions

Enterprise software leader SenSage, Inc. today announced it has been chosen by McAfee, Inc. (NYSE: MFE) to participate in the new McAfee Sales Teaming Program. This invitation-only program is an expansion of the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance(TM) (SIA) and provides SIA partners with a more proactive and mutually rewarding selling model. Under the program, SenSage, which was named 2008 McAfee Most Innovative Technology Partner, and McAfee will work together to promote the award-winning joint solution. Customers will benefit from reduced costs, increased compliance and a more secure environment. "SenSage has been an outstanding partner and has worked aggressively to demonstrate innovation in its integration with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software," said Joe Gottlieb , vice president of Corporate Strategy and Technology Alliances, McAfee. "With our new Sales Teami... (more)

Hot Tech Firms at the 2012 DoDIIS Conference

The Exhibitor List for the 2012 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference is up at Many of the firms there are technology firms, which is why this is one of the great events of the year. The text below is based on the current exhibitor list.  This event is getting HUGE which makes it very hard to spend more than about a second with all the vendors. Everyone seeks ways to focus on the vendors that are most relevant and have the most disruptive technologies. I am frequently asked for suggestions on which firms to visit and am working on my personal list of recommendations.  But we are also preparing a survey so we can solicit your views and will be rolling that out in a day or so. The survey will ask you to nominate what you believe to be the most significant technologies, the ones that people absolutely “must see” at the event. We ... (more)

The Fast Track on 3 Use Cases for a Service Gateway as part of your Cloud Strategy

How does an Enterprise with a hybrid cloud strategy use emerging platforms such as PaaS and IaaS? This is one of several questions that Intel Product Manager Blake Dournaee will help answer in this short 5 1/2 minute video. When utilizing those platform services for API communication, you need to typically worry about perimeter defense, Authentication Access Control and Authorization (AAA), Data Protection, Auditing, and Visibility as transactions move from the Enterprise to the Cloud. Watch this short video and quickly ramp up on 3 use cases for a Service Gateway and how it can address all these domains of concern. Learn how a Service Gateway can act as a single control point and provide the necessary visibility when using PaaS or IaaS. Also learn about the Cloud API management  and Cloud Service Brokerage usage models.         For more information about Inte... (more)

How to Harden Your APIs by Andy Thurai

The market for APIs has experienced explosive growth in recent years, yet one of the major issues that providers still face is the protection and hardening of the APIs that they expose to users. In particular, when you are exposing APIs from a cloud based platform, this becomes very difficult to achieve given the various cloud provider constraints. In order to achieve this you would need a solution that can provide the hardening capabilities out of the box, but that still permits for customization of the granular settings to meet the solution need. Intel has such a solution and it has been well thought out. If this is something you desire this article might help you foresee the many uses and versatility. Identify sensitive data and sensitivity of your API The first step in protecting sensitive data is identifying it as such. This could be anything like PII, PHI and ... (more)

Defense Intelligence Worldwide Conference: Bring your disruptive technology to DIA leaders

By BobGourley The new Defense Intelligence Worldwide Conference evolved from an old event with roots in intelligence systems.  With a new, more mission-focused event, I expect the technology on the expo floor will have a wider scope, and will very likely include technologies that more strongly support the new mission-focused themes. The conference, which will be held 8-10 April 2013 in Baltimore MD, has already attracted many tech firms to the expo floor, and I imagine booth space will soon sell out. If you are a firm with mission-focused technologies relevant to DoD intelligence missions you will want to check out your opportunities to participate right away (do that here).  If you are a government technology user or manager you will want to dedicate some time on your conference to walk the expo floor. This is a great way to meet with many firms all at once. Whi... (more)

Intel Buys Stonesoft for McAfee

Intel security unit McAfee, the semiconductor's largest acquisition ever, is buying Stonesoft Oyi, a Finnish company founded in 1990 that's got next-generation network firewalls. It's paying $389 million cash. That's a 128% premium to the outfit's closing price on May 3 or $5.90 (€4.5) a share. Intel, which says it's been looking for a better firewall solution and evasion-prevention widgetry for some time to ward off cyber-attacks, expects the market to be worth over $4 billion by 2016. CEO Ilkka Hiidenheimo, who owns 16.3% of the company and will make $61.5 million on the deal, claims Stonesoft+McAfee will offer "a 360-degree solution." The Finnish government may have something to say about the proposed acquisition because it uses the software for security purposes. Intel paid $7.7 billion for McAfee in early 2011, and McAfee did $2.2 billion in revenues last yea... (more)

Cloud Expo New York: Reduce Cloud Security Risks

Cloud Expo New York $500 Savings here! The cloud security challenge is about more than new technologies, architectures and business models. It is about change. The organizational process of cloud adoption and migration executed by disparate IT teams and business units delivers point cloud and security solutions that create unnecessary gaps in an organization's security posture. To reduce risk and maximize return on investment, organizations must take a long-term, integrated view of cloud security. They need a framework that is intelligent, comprehensive, easier to implement and identity-centric. In his session at the 12th International Cloud Expo, McAfee identity expert Robert Craig from McAfee's Identity Center of Expertise will discuss these emerging trends and challenges and how a Security Connected approach combined with advanced threat and web protection, singl... (more)

Big Data = Dropping the Big One?

Editor’s note: This article was first published on Analyst One, a site focused on analysts and topics of interest to the analytical community.-bg Eminent network scientist Laszlo Barabasi recently penned an op-ed calling on fellow scientists to spearhead the ethical use of big data. Comparing big data to the atom bomb, Barabasi persuasively argued that the technology and methodologies he and other social network theorists had created had far outstripped societal controls on its use. Barabasi’s op-ed is part of a growing backlash against big data technologies and methodologies While Barabasi and historian of science George Dyson have the historical perspective, technical insight, and scientific stature to write insightfully about the problems of pervasive data collection and algorithms that structure human decisions, other criticisms have been less than edifying. Fru... (more)