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Crushpath, the company that brings out the salesperson in everyone, announced the launch of Pitch SitesTM, the new way to pitch anything, alongside a $6 million Series A round of funding. The financing is led by Chamath Palihapitiya, founder and managing partner of The Social+Capital Partnership with participation from George Zachary of Charles River Ventures who lead the company's seed round in 2012. Crushpath changes the sales software game with a platform that gives anyone, salesperson or not, a way to pitch, get responses, and keep track of relationships. “Today, 90 percent of people are pitching something,” said Sam Lawrence, Crushpath co-founder and chief executive officer. "These 'sometimes salespeople' are recruiters, journalists, realtors, business unit managers, agents, entrepreneurs. They spend their days convincing others but have nothing to actually he... (more)

HyTrust Partners with Intel to Enhance Security in Virtualized, Cloud Environments

HyTrust Inc., the Cloud Security Automation Company, today announced that, building on technologies from Intel Corporation, it has developed powerful new capabilities to secure applications and data in virtualized data centers and the cloud. New HyTrust Boundary Controls let organizations proactively control where their virtual workloads can run, going much further than is currently possible in mitigating the risks of data mobility that virtualization and cloud create. Boundary Controls can simplify regulatory compliance, prevent data theft or misuse, and improve data center uptime. HyTrust Boundary Controls are built upon Intel®’s asset tagging and attestation services with root-of-trust supported by Intel® Trusted Execution Technology, or Intel® TXT. This hardware-based technology can be used to establish trust of server hardware, BIOS, and hypervisor, allowing s... (more)

Why Are APIs So Popular? | @ExpoDX @AndyThurai #API #IoT #IIoT #SmartCities #DigitalTransformation

Kin Lane recently wrote a couple of blogs about why copyrighting an API is not common. I couldn’t agree more that copyrighting APIs is uncommon. First of all, the API definition is just an interface (It is the implementation detail that is important, and needs to be guarded), so it doesn’t make any sense to copyright an interface. (It is almost like copyrighting a pretty face ). Secondly, the whole idea of exposing an API is you are looking for others to finish the work you started by just providing the plumbing work. Why would anyone want to get involved with a copyrighted API and finish your work for you? Kin Lane says, “API copyright would prevent the reuse and remix of common or successful API patterns within a space. We are at a point where aggregating common, popular APIs into single, standardized interfaces is emerging as the next evolution in web and mobil... (more)

Will Google Destroy Symantec & McAfee?

Gee, and Symantec and McAfee felt squeezed when Microsoft wandered into their space. Now Google has a toehold too. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. On May 11 Google quietly bought an outfit, a Mountain View neighbor actually, called GreenBorder Technologies Inc, and never said a word about it. The acquisition is provocative because GreenBorder is in the Internet security business, a space new to the omnivorous Google, and nobody knows how Google is going to use this widgetry; and not knowing, when you think about it, is scarier for McAfee and Symantec than knowing. Given the dismal state of security - and the increasing hostility of the Internet, even if GreenBorder is only half the end-all it's cracked up to be - and depending on how it's packaged - Google could have trouble stopping people from throwing money at it. What price your security? Anyw... (more)

McAfee LinuxShield Focuses on Novell

“As more and more malware is created to run on multiple platforms, it is important for customers to know they can turn to a single vendor for complete, multi-platform protection,” said Steve Crutchfield, director of product marketing at McAfee Inc., as McAfee today announced the availability of new versions of McAfee LinuxShield and NetShield antivirus products. The new functionality includes antivirus protection for the latest version of SUSE Linux and Novell NetWare - ensuring that Novell users are safe from the latest threats and vulnerabilities. With the latest release of Linux kernel products from Novell such as Open Enterprise Server (OES) and Novell Linux Small Business Suite, McAfee is extending its comprehensive support to these platforms. "From small businesses running NLSBS to the largest enterprises running OES," a company announcement note... (more)

Mobile Security: McAfee Partners with Sony Ericsson to Protect P990i and M600i Smartphones

"We are very excited to work with Sony Ericsson to provide their leading and innovative handsets with important security capabilities," said Victor Kouznetsov, SVP of McAfee Mobile, as it was announced that McAfee has partnered with Sony Ericsson to provide mobile security solutions on the new P990i and M600i. "McAfee has seen increasing instances of mobile malware, and we applaud Sony Ericsson's efforts to proactively protect consumers before mobile threats become commonplace," Kouznetsov added. "We selected McAfee to provide customers with even greater security protection on the P990i and M600i because of its pioneering work in the mobile security sector," said Brendan Press, Head of Enterprise Marketing, Sony Ericsson. "We are increasingly working with partners to provide solutions that empower the workforce. It is imperative that these solutions are supported b... (more)

Intel’s Intelligent Buy

It took me a while to digest Intel’s acquisition of McAfee. Other than giving Intel an opportunity to improve the desktop architecture by integrating security into chips and expanding their software footprint, this acquisition can also make a huge impact on the cloud computing architecture. Security is one of the biggest roadblocks that customers have to address when evaluating the possibility of using cloud computing technology in their solutions. Current technology to address security concerns increase hardware, software and services costs reducing benefits gained. Project times are also increased due to the legal issues that need to be addressed before solution implementation. These security costs could be compared to using an armored car service like Brinks to transfer cash from location to location. The weight of the armored car is so high that the gas mileage ... (more)

McAfee Offers Linux Server Protection

McAfee, Inc. has released McAfee Entercept support for Linux. The McAfee Entercept server agent now supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, in addition to existing platform support for Windows and Solaris. The introduction of McAfee Entercept protection for Linux is part of the company's larger strategy to provide comprehensive and proactive, multi-platform security solutions including Linux. On June 6, the company announced enhancements to McAfee LinuxShield, offering customers comprehensive virus protection for their Linux systems. "As a widely adopted alternative to other common operating systems among IT professionals, the Linux platform has been broadly deployed for internal as well as web-facing applications, and runs a variety of critical business applications, including accounting, databases and file/print servers," McAfee noted in making its announcement.  "Du... (more)

McAfee Provides Security to MSN and AOL Subscribers

McAfee has confirmed that it will provide its VirusScan and Personal Firewall Plus to subscribers of MSN Dial-Up free of charge, starting in the first quarter of 2006. McAfee already  provides services to subscribers of MSN's Premium broadband service. When contacted by SEO/SEM Journal about how this new service relates to the security options offered to AOL subscribers, the company noted, "McAfee has been providing security services to MSN since 2002. We are extending our agreement to now provide the MSN dial-up users the same high-quality security offerings that MSN had provided to their premium subscriber base in the past. "(So) both MSN and AOL are offering McAfee VirusScan and Personal Firewall products. AOL offers two versions of McAfee’s firewall products: Firewall Express and a deeply co-branded product called Privacy Wall." McAfee VirusScan detects, block... (more)

McAfee Brings Security to the MySQL Open Source Database Community

McAfee has announced the availability of a free open source audit plug-in for MySQL database users to capture complete detailed activity audits from their databases. The free-of-charge plug-in was created and developed by McAfee as part of a new set of features for its award-winning database security solution. The new plug-in helps small and medium-sized businesses as well as larger enterprises satisfy audit requirements. “McAfee developed the free database audit plug-in to give the community of MySQL users a means of building enterprise-level database security around their databases,” said Dan Sarel, vice president of Database Security Product Management at McAfee. “When coupled with the McAfee Database Activity Monitoring sensor for MySQL, the data is subject to the same real-time analysis and policy enforcement as the data collected from other supported database... (more)

Security Company Websense Nabs McAfee President

Gene Hodges (pictured) has left the president's post at McAfee to be come president of competitor Websense, where he takes over some of the responsibilities of John Carrington, who will remain chairman of the company. Founded in 1994, Websense calls itself  "the global leader of web filtering and a premier provider of web and desktop security software, and has been recognized as one of Forbes Magazine's Top 25 Technology Companies in 2004. It is on pace to report revenues of about $140 million in the year 2005, more than double the total of three years ago. Its market stands at around $1.6 billion. McAfee, by contrast, is on pace to become a $1 billion company, with a market cap in the $5 billion range. The company which recently settled with the SEC for $50 milliion over financial misstatements in the year 2000 and before, has maintained steady recent growth under CE... (more)