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Editor’s note: This article was first published on Analyst One, a site focused on analysts and topics of interest to the analytical community.-bg Eminent network scientist Laszlo Barabasi recently penned an op-ed calling on fellow scientists to spearhead the ethical use of big data. Comparing big data to the atom bomb, Barabasi persuasively argued that the technology and methodologies he and other social network theorists had created had far outstripped societal controls on its use. Barabasi’s op-ed is part of a growing backlash against big data technologies and methodologies While Barabasi and historian of science George Dyson have the historical perspective, technical insight, and scientific stature to write insightfully about the problems of pervasive data collection and algorithms that structure human decisions, other criticisms have been less than edifying. Fru... (more)

Defense Intelligence Worldwide Conference: Bring your disruptive technology to DIA leaders

By BobGourley The new Defense Intelligence Worldwide Conference evolved from an old event with roots in intelligence systems.  With a new, more mission-focused event, I expect the technology on the expo floor will have a wider scope, and will very likely include technologies that more strongly support the new mission-focused themes. The conference, which will be held 8-10 April 2013 in Baltimore MD, has already attracted many tech firms to the expo floor, and I imagine booth space will soon sell out. If you are a firm with mission-focused technologies relevant to DoD intelligence missions you will want to check out your opportunities to participate right away (do that here).  If you are a government technology user or manager you will want to dedicate some time on your conference to walk the expo floor. This is a great way to meet with many firms all at once. Whi... (more)

Security Company Websense Nabs McAfee President

Gene Hodges (pictured) has left the president's post at McAfee to be come president of competitor Websense, where he takes over some of the responsibilities of John Carrington, who will remain chairman of the company. Founded in 1994, Websense calls itself  "the global leader of web filtering and a premier provider of web and desktop security software, and has been recognized as one of Forbes Magazine's Top 25 Technology Companies in 2004. It is on pace to report revenues of about $140 million in the year 2005, more than double the total of three years ago. Its market stands at around $1.6 billion. McAfee, by contrast, is on pace to become a $1 billion company, with a market cap in the $5 billion range. The company which recently settled with the SEC for $50 milliion over financial misstatements in the year 2000 and before, has maintained steady recent growth under CE... (more)

Mobile Security: McAfee Partners with Sony Ericsson to Protect P990i and M600i Smartphones

"We are very excited to work with Sony Ericsson to provide their leading and innovative handsets with important security capabilities," said Victor Kouznetsov, SVP of McAfee Mobile, as it was announced that McAfee has partnered with Sony Ericsson to provide mobile security solutions on the new P990i and M600i. "McAfee has seen increasing instances of mobile malware, and we applaud Sony Ericsson's efforts to proactively protect consumers before mobile threats become commonplace," Kouznetsov added. "We selected McAfee to provide customers with even greater security protection on the P990i and M600i because of its pioneering work in the mobile security sector," said Brendan Press, Head of Enterprise Marketing, Sony Ericsson. "We are increasingly working with partners to provide solutions that empower the workforce. It is imperative that these solutions are supported b... (more)

McAfee Complains

McAfee took out a full-page ad in the Financial Times Monday to complain about Microsoft and Vista within hearing of the European regulators, who have already got their knickers in a twist about the new operating system. The open letter to computer users worldwide, signed by McAfee chairman and CEO George Samenuk, echoed complaints made last week to the press by Symantec that Microsoft wouldn't give it the APIs it needs to communicate with Vista's Defender anti-spam/anti-spyware filter and security dashboard. Now McAfee says that Microsoft has denied third-party security houses access to the Vista kernel so they can't support it and that Microsoft's own Windows Security Center can't be disabled when a customer buys an alternative system. It claimed customers will be confused and that Microsoft was denying consumers freedom of choice. Neither McAfee nor Symantec have ... (more)

McAfee Warns Virtualization Will Create New Security Threats

Researchers at McAfee Avert Labs expect an increase in web dangers and threats targeting Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Vista operating system, among other new or increased threats. At the same time ad-serving software known as adware is expected to continue to decrease. Patrick Hayati, Regional Director, McAfee Middle East comments: 'Threats are moving to the web and newer technologies such as VoIP and instant messaging.' Also, professional and organized criminals continue to drive a lot of the malicious activity. As they become increasingly sophisticated, it is more important than ever to be aware and secure when traversing the web.' McAfee Avert Labs' top 10 security threats for 2008: Bull's Eye on Web 2.0 Compromises and malware at, and MySpace, among others, represent a new trend in attacking online applications and social networking sites. A... (more)

EC Clears Intel-McAfee Deal with Conditions

The European Commission has approved Intel's acquisition of McAfee Wednesday as expected after Intel offered the proviso that its chips would still run software from McAfee competitors. Intel is expected to embed McAfee security widgetry in its processors. Intel reportedly pledged to give McAfee rivals the chip information they needed and promised not to cripple their performance on its chips or McAfee's on non-Intel chips. The EC said the conditions offered "strike the right balance, as they allow preserving both competition and the beneficial effects of the merger." Intel is paying $7.68 billion for McAfee, more than it ever has for any property. The deal was okayed unconditionally by US regulators in late December. It should close by the end of the quarter. ... (more)

Combating Sophisticated Cyber Threats

I was part of a panel titled “Developing Security Strategies to Successfully Combat Sophisticated Threats to your Network, while Protecting Customer Privacy” at the TM Forum conference two weeks ago.  Given the topic, and the interesting conversation, I wanted to highlight some of the ideas expressed around sophisticated threats. Verizon’s Marc Spitler, and AT&T’s Brian Rexroad. Daniel O’Donnel from Network Critical and Ajay Uggirala from NetScout, and Martin Huddleston from United Kingdom (UK) Ministry of Defense (MoD) accompanied me on the panel. In essence, cyber-attack is big business.  In 2010, studies from Symantec's newest Norton Cybercrime Report sited that the financial losses resulting from cyber-attack were resulting in similar losses worldwide to the business of illegal drug trade – 388B. Recent studies from the UK Cabinet office state that cyber espiona... (more)

Hot Tech Firms at the 2012 DoDIIS Conference

The Exhibitor List for the 2012 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference is up at Many of the firms there are technology firms, which is why this is one of the great events of the year. The text below is based on the current exhibitor list.  This event is getting HUGE which makes it very hard to spend more than about a second with all the vendors. Everyone seeks ways to focus on the vendors that are most relevant and have the most disruptive technologies. I am frequently asked for suggestions on which firms to visit and am working on my personal list of recommendations.  But we are also preparing a survey so we can solicit your views and will be rolling that out in a day or so. The survey will ask you to nominate what you believe to be the most significant technologies, the ones that people absolutely “must see” at the event. We ... (more)

McAfee Brings Security to the MySQL Open Source Database Community

McAfee has announced the availability of a free open source audit plug-in for MySQL database users to capture complete detailed activity audits from their databases. The free-of-charge plug-in was created and developed by McAfee as part of a new set of features for its award-winning database security solution. The new plug-in helps small and medium-sized businesses as well as larger enterprises satisfy audit requirements. “McAfee developed the free database audit plug-in to give the community of MySQL users a means of building enterprise-level database security around their databases,” said Dan Sarel, vice president of Database Security Product Management at McAfee. “When coupled with the McAfee Database Activity Monitoring sensor for MySQL, the data is subject to the same real-time analysis and policy enforcement as the data collected from other supported database... (more)

Private Cloud 2.0 – Enterprise Cloud Search

In the Enterprise 2.0 white paper I wrote a few years ago, I built on the core concepts of what Andrew McAfee had introduced, primarily the integrated role of Cloud Computing and also the overlap with BPM (Business Process Management). I have started bringing this up to date for 2012 through the concept of ‘Private Cloud 2.0‘, simply meaning that the interest and momentum for deploying internal Cloud platforms can go hand in hand with expanding the successful use of social media within the enterprise too. I emphasize successful because many corporations have tried to adopt social media only to find it falls somewhat flat on its face. As described in this article McKinsey has reported that despite social media having been around for over a decade now it`s still a bit of a mystery in terms of how to apply it within a business context in a practical ROI-generating man... (more)